What We Do

Hilliard Management Group is a premiere financial accounting, and bookkeeping, consulting firm dedicated to helping small businesses improve their performance. Our team of experienced consultants provides clients with cost-effective, comprehensive solutions to increase their growth and profitability. We help relieve the day-to-day business pressures, allowing small business owners to focus on the production, quality, and sales of their goods and services.

We offer scalable solutions that grow with your small business and constantly adjust to your changing needs. Our knowledgeable team of consultants works together as strategists and problem solvers, offering a broad spectrum of services that include:

  • Financial Analysis
  • On-Site Bookkeeping and Financial Accounting
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting Software Training
  • Accounting Systems Set-up
  • Budgeting, Cash Flow Analysis and Forecasting
  • Procedures Documentation

All of our clients are assigned a senior financial consultant and bookkeeping consultant as needed. This team identifies and integrates your short and long-term goals and develops an effective action plan to ensure your business success. It is our promise to work closely with every client to overcome their challenges and make their goals attainable without losing sight of the bottom line. If a client’s needs require skills outside our core expertise, we will recommend an additional resource that can resolve the issue. We strive to understand, meet, and exceed our client’s needs and expectations.

"Hilliard Management Group is one of the most effective financial accounting and bookkeeping services I've ever encountered. They are a top notch financial accounting firm specializing in setting-up and maintaining accounting systems in a variety of industries."
James M., CPA
Mill Valley, CA


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