Who We Are

Hilliard Management Group is a team of consultants specializing in all aspects of financial accounting and bookkeeping. Our consultants counsel and service a range of companies in various stages of growth. We have the real-world experience to resolve your business challenges, boost your ability to operate efficiently, and help you to plan and attain maximum profitability.

All of our clients are serviced by both a senior financial accounting consultant and one or more bookkeeping consultants. This team of professionals translates client needs and expectations into effective action plans, encompassing both short- and long-term objectives. We commit to working closely with every client, to overcome problems and attain development goals -without losing sight of the bottom line. If we feel that we can't handle a particular issue, we say so upfront and recommend someone who can. It is our goal to understand, meet, and exceed all of your needs and expectations.

Founded in 1992, Hilliard Management Group has been able to forge successful, long-term relationships with clients and consultants through mutual understanding, integrity, and professional expertise. Close involvement with all of our clients ensures the development of intelligent, functional strategies, leading to a steady growth in our business…and more importantly, yours.

"Hilliard Management Group's consultants possess superior knowledge of financial accounting which enables them to interpret and organize financial data regardless of industry."
Jeff P., CPA
Walnut Creek, CA


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